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Immigrants are welcome to all of the Finnish Adult Education Centre’s courses. Immigrants are also offered various courses that use simple Finnish or support languages. Many courses are held completely in other languages (for example, English, Arabic, Somali, Chinese, Thai or Russian). EAEA Country Report on Adult Education in Finland: Helsinki, 4. Overview. Finland has a long history of participation and promotion of adult education; according to the Ministry of Education currently more than million citizens participate in different types of adult education each year in a country of around million people.

Liberal adult education in Finland. The education does not grant you a degree, and its teaching content is not regulated by law. The educational institutions providing liberal adult education include civic centers, folk high schools, sports training centers, summer universities and study centers. The education is non-formal, in other words it does not lead to a degree. Discusses providers of and the concept of liberal adult education in Finland. Providers include (1) folk high schools, (2) adult education centers, (3) voluntary popular organizations, (4) public libraries, (5) evening schools, (6) cooperative groups formed of universities and other adult education providers, (7) summer universities, and (8) public Timo Toiviainen.

The Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki is a Learning and Wellbeing Centre, and one of the largest privately-owned institutes in Finland. The Institute, founded in , is an institute of adult education operating within the Liberal Adult Education Act. Adult education organisations are run by the government, local authorities, municipal consortia, private associations, foundations and companies. Main providers of adult education and training in Finland, number of institutions. NON FORMAL ADULT EDUCATION Adult education centres, Folk high schools, 91 Study centres, 11 Summer universities,