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Dec 20,  · MTV didn't know what they had with Wonder Showzen, so Adult Swim couldn't wait to swoop in and snatch them up. Now PFFR has an ongoing production deal across both Adult Swim and their sister network TruTV. Mar 18,  · This is another show that ran on [adult swim] for a while until it got pulled off a year later. Even though it DID have some material that would of fit more on [adult swim] than MTV. Also, this is.

Dec 03,  · This quarter-hour creation comes from Vernon Chatman, the co-creator of “Wonder Showzen” who also helped bring “The Heart, She Holler” to Adult Swim . Eric Andre isn’t for everyone. His Adult Swim show, the aptly titled The Eric Andre Show, is a mix of surrealism and public-access nonsense, with Andre acting as both host and instigator. It makes sense, then, that when The A.V. Club asked him to pick the things that most consistently make him laugh, he went with some pretty oddball Marah Eakin.

Dec 20,  · The Shivering Truth Will Fill the Wonder Showzen-Shaped Hole in Your Heart. By Erik Abriss. The Shivering Truth. Vernon Chatman’s new stop-motion anthology series for Adult Erik Abriss.