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Students feel safe and supported. There is a learning environment in which individual needs and uniqueness are honored, where abilities and achievements are acknowledged and respected. Intellectual freedom is fostered, and experimentation and creativity are encouraged. Faculty treat adult students as peers respected as intelligent, experienced adults. Apr 28,  · Adult Education ranges from basic Literacy Programs trying to empower individuals with skills and tools like reading or computer usage to access resources and learning how to learn, all the way to facilitating community empowerment toward fostering the greatest good for the greatest span.

Characteristics of Adult Learners. Adults want to know the purpose of training and the motivation underlying an organization’s training initiative. Emotional Barriers. Through experience, adults may fear a subject, have anxiety about a subject or feel anger about forced changes in job responsibilities or policies. These emotions can interfere with the learning ma-albany.info: Connie Malamed. Your job as a teacher of adult students includes being positive and encouraging. Patience helps too. Give your older students time to respond when you ask a question. They may need a few moments to consider their answer. Recognize the contributions they make, even when small. Give them words of encouragement whenever the opportunity arises.

Aug 27,  · According to Knowles, “adults are responsive to some external motivators (e.g., better job, higher salaries), but the most potent motivators are internal (e.g., desire for increased job satisfaction, self-esteem). Their motivation can be blocked by training and education that ignores adult learning principles.”. Understand adult learners desire a peer relationship with instructors, rather than a hierarchical one. • Recognize that adults also expect greater availability of instructors. Characteristic #2 - Adults Draw Upon Their Experiences as a Resource in Their Learning Efforts More Than Youth. The adult's experience is a key resource in any learning effort.