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Learning French for adults in France. 30 years of experience. Since , the Centre International d’Antibes has been offering French language courses to more than 2, adult students every year. The courses employ an active. Home > Adult Courses > French When you learn a new language, you are diving into a new culture and making it part of your daily life. Our French Department offers you a wide-range of classes, from beginners to advanced. With our different class formats, flexible schedules and dynamic approach, you are guaranteed to reach your goals quickly.

Our Intensive French Course for adults puts emphasis on communication whilst also working on the different aspects of the French language. Students choose the French Intensive Course at our French language school in Montpellier because they want to study French in France to make progress faster%(). Description: Edu-Inter offers comprehensive French immersion courses for teenagers and adults, where you have the option of specializing in various subjects, such as business and music. All courses have mandatory workshops and conferences in French language and culture. The program offers homestays with local families right in Quebec ma-albany.info: Melody Tabatabaian.

Jul 16,  · Learning French as an adult is not the same thing as learning it as a child. Children pick up language intuitively, without having to be taught grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. When learning their first language, they have nothing to compare it to, and they can often learn a second language the same way. French courses in Paris for adults, learn French in Paris by total immersion. Book your language stay in Paris.