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How To Strip A Dining Room Table. Scrub the table moving the pad in circular motions. Lacquer thinner evaporates and dries quickly, so you should work in sections about the size of 1/4 of the table top. After scrubbing, clean the surface with a rag moistened with lacquer thinner. Follow that up by wiping down the surface with a clean dry rag. How to Strip and Refinish a Dining Table Step 1: Apply the Stripping Gel. Step 2: Remove the Stripping Gel and Dissolved Finish. Step 3: Clean Residue With Mineral Spirits. Step 4: Sand the Wood. Step 5: Apply a Stain. Step 6: Apply a Clear Top Coat. Step 7: Move Your Table Back Into Position.

Step 4. To remove those last bits of finish, palm sand with medium sandpaper ( grit) until you see the bare wood. Then switch to fine sandpaper (+ grit) until the entire piece is uniform. Wipe down the whole surface with a tack cloth to remove any dust from sanding. Jun 24,  · The easiest way to clear table formatting is to use the Clear Formats option. After using that you need to remove the filter option also. Let`s see how the thing is done. First, select the entire table. After this press on to the Home tab and in the Editing section of Home tab .

Jul 31,  · On the Home tab, in the Styles group, click Format as Table, and then click the desired table style. Select any cell within a newly created table, go to the Design tab > Tools group, and click Convert to Range. Or, right-click the table, point to Table, and click Convert to Range. How to remove table Author: Svetlana Cheusheva. Jun 28,  · Solution. To convert a table back to a range: Highlight the table in your spreadsheet The Design tab will appear on the ribbon menu. Click it to enter the design section. In the design section, click the Convert to Range button. Excel will ask you if you’re sure. .