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The Standards for Adult Day Programs establishes standards for providing day services to people with developmental disabilities. It applies to all adult day services, including special needs adult training programs, crew labor programs, and community-based adult training programs. Adult Day Services provides an organized program in a community group setting to promote social, physical and emotional well being. These programs offer a variety of activities designed to meet the needs and interests of each older adult who receives care.

REGISTRATION AND CERTIFICATION STANDARDS FOR ADULT DAY SERVICES PROGRAMS. Statement of Purpose (Amended 2/15/) (1) Adult day services are community-based group programs designed to meet the service needs of aging and people with physical disabilities in a structured non-residential setting. (2) These rules. OVERVIEW OF ADULT DAY SERVICES REGULATIONS certification standards address adult day care programs operating in a multi-use facility that is not located in or connected to a nursing home (e.g., a residential care facility or facilities: adult day programs and adult day health care centers. Adult day .

in the overall management of the day program. (3) "Adult" means a person who is 18 years of age or older. (4) "Adult Community Care Facility" (Adult CCF) means Adult Residential Facilities (ARF), Social Rehabilitation Facilities (SRF), and Adult Day Programs, as defined in Health and Safety Code Sections (a)(1), (2), and (7).