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Jul 15,  · Gay fathers condemned for raising child without 'mom': Part 1 | What Would You Do? - Duration: What Would You Do? 1,, views. Apr 17,  · Gay-themed advertisements are an important part of our representation in pop culture. Here are the ten best gay-themed commercials that deserve celebration. by Rocco Papa LGBTQ+ Millennials Apr 17, As a gay man and a New Yorker, this commercial makes me very happy. Affection between same sex couples hasn't always been something we Author: LGBTQ+ Millennials.

Not every gay and lesbian ad features someone flaunting their sexuality. Keeping it mum around Mum (or Dad, or a co-worker, or a spouse) is another common theme. McDonald'sAuthor: David Griner. Dec 30,  · An ad for Apple’s iPhone 7 featured an affectionate gay couple playing with their new phone while riding the subway.. Apple CEO Tim Cook declared this year that he wanted to .

Aug 11,  · Different - Gay Themed Short Film. doyler 12 years ago | K views. Gay themed commercial: Bud Light beer. Clem Gayle. A Love To Hide - Uninvited (Gay Themed) Trevor Issac. Trending Charles Manson. Mindhunter Season 2 - Official Teaser - Netflix -Charles Manson, David Fincher A same-sex prom couple and two gay dads are among those featured in the campaign's first TV ad, which is directed by Academy. By Curtis M. Wong. Gay or lesbian-themed advertising is still a relatively new marketing realm, and as these commercials attest, when .