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Also see Asian Banjo Catalogs. From about on and especially since there have been a large number of oriental manufacture banjos made to answer the demand. By far and away most of these are entry level 5 string instruments, yet the basic construction for tenor, plectrum and guitar banjos is similar with a different neck and number of. Asian banjo catalogs, circa Because of the interest I shared with Paul in vintage Gold Star banjos, I have taken some liberties with this page.

Jul 03,  · I've been considering getting a banjo and it seems like one of the Japanese models from the 70's might be good value. I don't know that much about these things, but my impression is that many of the Japanese banjos from the 70's were clones of the Gibson RB or Mastertone banjos. Alvarez Silver Princess and an Iida were about the only Japanese Tubbies we saw Stateside in the s. The right price might yield a nice banjo. The Martin Vega version of the PS-5 is rare, very well built and rarely sells at $2K or more.

Alvarez model , 5 string banjo, made s in Japan. MOP bow tie fret markers and Headstock. Heavey Brass flat top tone ring. Finish on resonator is getting cloudy as some of these old Japanese banjos get with age, but no gouges, chips or big dents, still shines. How Much is my Banjo Worth? $95 and the one on the bottom might get $ (more, if you get a buyer who remembers Aria's quality instruments of the s). If they were both marked, say "Fender" (a company which usually puts its name on Asian banjos), you might add $ to that.