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Nov 23,  · Where did Seal get those facial scars? Contrary to popular belief, the scars were caused by a disease called Lupus which Seal suffered from when he was a child. The particular strain from which Seal suffers causes blistering especially around the facial area, which when ruptured cause Followers: 3. Medical conditions that can cause disfigurement include: Cancer; Diabetic foot ulcers; Skin disease; Stevens-Johnson syndrome (skin condition usually caused by a drug reaction) Staph infection; Small pox; Severe acne; Treatment. Treatment for disfigurement includes the use of reconstructive surgery, prosthesis, and skin grafting.

Porphyria attacks the entire body, particularly the liver, and can cause all manner of mental health issues. Sufferers of cutaneous porphyria have to limit their exposure to sunlight, which would cause their skin to swell and blister. Aug 08,  · There is no question that Seal is a talented singer, but many often wonder about the scars on his face. Did the star suffer burns when he was Author: Lauren Weigle.

Trivia (20) Seal is of Brazilian and Nigerian descent. The scars on his face are the result of discoid lupus erythematosus, a type of Lupus that affects the skin, resulting in the classic Lupus "butterfly rash" across the cheeks, and nose. Discoid Lupus can manifest anywhere on a persons' skin, and can lead to scarring and hair loss in some cases. Disfigurement is the state of having one's appearance deeply and persistently harmed medically, such as from a disease, birth defect, or wound. General societal attitudes towards disfigurement have varied greatly across cultures and over time, with cultures possessing strong social stigma against it often causing psychological distress to disfigured individuals. Alternatively, many societies have regarded some forms of disfigurement .