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"Pissed" lyrics. Saweetie Lyrics "Pissed" Saweetie, Saweetie, Saweetie (Icy) Sippin Rosé, first class, yeah I'm lit AP bust down jumpin' off the wrist Republicans on the plane, muggin' on a bitch Makin' white man money, so these white folk pissed Why you pissed? Pullin' out my phone, what I miss? Nov 30,  · Pissed Lyrics: Saweetie / Saweetie / Saweetie / Icy / Sippin' Rose, first class, yeah, I'm lit / AP bust down, jumping off the wrist / Republicans on the plane muggin' on a bitch / Making white.

"Pissed" lyrics. Saliva Lyrics "Pissed" We're the hostile generation Battered and abused Can't ruin our reputation We've got nothing left to lose Sick of all the preaching Politically correct The bullshit that you're feeding You're the cause of my effect I'm pissed Can't take your shit I'm sick of it You run your mouth. Jun 06,  · Pissed Off Lyrics: This is Jay P Bangz / Ayy, that bitch left, that's that bitch loss / Ayy, thigh pads on me, I got big wads / Turnt up, don't make me get pissed off / Stick on the glizzy, got big.