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Breast reconstruction can help restore the look and feel of the breast after a mastectomy. The surgery is done by a plastic surgeon. Timing of breast reconstruction. Breast reconstruction can be done at the same time as the mastectomy ("immediate") or at a later date ("delayed"). Many women now get immediate breast reconstruction. Mar 07,  · Breast reconstruction can be done at different times, depending on what works best for your situation: At the same time as mastectomy surgery. This is called immediate reconstruction. As soon as the breast is removed by the breast cancer surgeon, the plastic surgeon reconstructs the breast either with tissue from another location on your body.

Breast reconstruction is the rebuilding of a breast, usually in ma-albany.info involves using autologous tissue or prosthetic material to construct a natural-looking breast. Often this includes the reformation of a natural-looking areola and ma-albany.info procedure involves the use of implants or tissue taken from other parts of the woman's body.. Generally, the aesthetic appearance is acceptable to Specialty: plastic surgeon. Breast reconstruction generally falls into two categories: implant-based reconstruction or flap reconstruction. Implant reconstruction relies on breast implants to help form a new breast mound. Flap (or autologous) reconstruction uses the patient's own tissue from .

They then reshape the remaining breast tissue to create a smaller breast. You will need radiotherapy to this remaining breast tissue to reduce the risk of the cancer coming back. At the same time as your reconstructive surgery you can also have surgery to make your other breast smaller (breast reduction) so that they match in size. May 25,  · Thank you for the question. Age is not a limiting factor for breast reduction surgery, although good health is. In my practice, generally speaking, for patient’s 50 years old and above, a medical clearance, mammogram, and EKG is required prior to surgery.