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Nov 16,  · J. Edgar Hoover led a deeply repressed sexual life, living with his mother until he was 40, awkwardly rejecting the attention of women and pouring his emotional, and at times, physical attention Author: SUSAN DONALDSON JAMES. Jun 09,  · We don’t really know much about Hoover’s private life or views. We do know that he did not hesitate to blackmail anyone about any matters in order to retain his power, influence and position of head of the FBI. He certainly was no friend of gay pe.

Nov 28,  · J. Edgar Hoover, the deceased and despised director of the FBI who is considered the very personification of evil by civil rights-era activists, was Author: Terry Shropshire. The story of J. Edgar Hoover dressing in women's clothing is part of American myth, but it's truth maybe less revealing than what the gossip tells us about Hoover and his times.

Dec 31,  · J Edgar Hoover was a phenomenon. The first Director of the FBI, he remained in office for 48 years, from his appointment after the First World War to his death in , achieving fame and Author: Anthony Summers. Nov 22,  · ‘J. Edgar,’ the new movie about J. Edgar Hoover, argues that the FBI chief was gay, but was he also black?THE ROOT D.C. | There is yet another skeleton pounding on the closet to be let out.