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The Alabama state record striped bass was caught out of the Tallapoosa River. While stripers are native to salt water, they naturally migrate into fresh water streams to spawn. Their eggs must remain in motion in order to hatch so the fresh water rivers and streams become the ideal spawning grounds for stripers. Striped bass (Morone saxatilis) are found throughout Alabama’s rivers and lakes. The individual record is a pounder caught in on the Black Warrior River near Gorgas Steam Plant. Lewis Smith Lake is known for having the most fish, but Lake Martin is where trophy fish are typically caught.

Striped bass populations in Alabama are a mixture of Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast fish. The Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division has initiated an aggressive program to reestablish Gulf Coast populations in the Mobile basin, primarily below the Fall Line. Aug 03,  · Fishing for Striped Bass in the Summer. by Ed Mashburn | Aug 3, | Fishing. When it comes to big striped bass, Alabama has some serious big ‘uns. The sun is barely up, and this July morning is already getting hot. The water is moving just a bit, and the shadows under the trees on the shoreline are growing lighter. The birds are starting.

Lewis Smith Lake & Lake Martin, Alabama Fishing Guides and lake info. Alabama's leading striped bass fishing guides website. Here you can get all the info on striper guides from Lewis Smith lake in Cullman, Alabama and Lake Martin in Alaexander City, AL. Alabama Coosa River Spawning Striped Bass. The Upper Coosa River Basin is home to one of only a few naturally-reproducing populations of landlocked-striped bass,. It is also home to one of the best striped bass fishing locations in Georgia and Alabama during the spring spawning runs up the Coosa, Etowah and Oostanaula.