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drift boat bottom sealant - Marine-Tex Gluvit Epoxy Water Sealer

Naturally, having the least amount of friction on an airboat hull will get you farther, faster and deeper into previously unexplored areas. A Wetlander-coated airboat hull is easier to launch and load on the trailer, gets over dry land more easily, and gets more thrust for your boat, without having to . Gluvit is a waterproof epoxy sealer used to find, fill and seal leaks. Use it on cracks in fiberglass, metal, and wood on your boat or in your home. Application results in a hard, impact and abrasion resistant protective barrier coat that minimizes fiberglass blistering and corrosion/5(30).

Wetlander is a very slick and durable boat bottom coating for shallow water boats, skiffs, and all flat bottom jon boats. And, it has great adhesion to both aluminum and fiberglass. Wetlander is for serious outdoor sportsmen. Whether you’re hunting ducks out of a jon boat, pulling steelhead from a drift boat, tearing through backwaters in a mudboat, or slipping through hidden glades on an. I built a new wooden drift boat. The bottom is a 3/4 ” polypropylene honeycomb panel with 5 layers of built up epoxy resin with two layers of epoxy resin with carbon dust. Will .

The obvious issue with aluminum drift boat construction is the necessary use of light-gauge, lightweight material throughout the boat (including the floor), which increases the amount of flex the bottom is put through when stressed on the rocky shallow waters of our NW rivers. Apr 27,  · I have a 14' Gamefisher riveted aluminum boat which I plan to paint someday. When the boat was given to me (I'm finding that there's no such thing as a free boat), it was full of rainwater, and not leaking a drop. I'd like to seal the seams with Gluvit anyway, because I think that as the boat finally sees some use, the seams will loosen up.