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With a Masters Figure Competition older women can become successful female figure competitors over or 35+ for that matter! More divisions also offers the opportunity for more stage time for many of the women that want to compete in a figure competition over Author: Julie Lohre. If you have dreamed of taking your fitness to a new level and looking better at 40 than you did at 20, setting your sights on a Master’s Figure Competition may be just the motivation you need! What is Master’s Figure? Master’s Figure is simply a division of the Physique shows that allow competitors 35 and over to compete against one another.

Aug 20,  · Are you over 40 and training for your first figure or bikini competition? Great! This allows you to compete in the Masters Class. For women our age, it’s nice to have an even playing field 🙂 But wait Don’t make the mistake thinking Masters will not be as hard because its older competitors. Competed in my first figure competition Loving it learning more age By: Rachel Payne Magazine 17 #3. Shortly after I turned 45, I gave myself a hard look in the mirror and was very discouraged with what I saw. The size was ok and my weight was not a problem, but everything was soft and, very frighteningly, I could see the beginnings of "the.

Mar 08,  · More from a local competition. These women are OVER 40! How many 18 year olds can compete with THESE bods?!? Very hot older bikini ladies. Feb 07,  · At the age of 45, Tiffany Yee decided to step on stage in a Figure competition at the Fitness America weekend in Las Vegas. She ended up winning her .