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Choosing the correct pantyhose size not only makes them more comfortable, but it also reduces the potential for snags and runs. However, pantyhose sizes differ between brands so a particular size in one brand might not fit you in another. To ensure proper fit, always consult the chart on the back. Pantyhose are a necessity for many women, particularly for those who regularly wear skirts or shirt dresses. However, it’s still important to choose the hose that best fits you and your legs best, otherwise looking good is going to be a bit of a trial for you.

How to choose the right hosiery for you and your body shape. Nowadays there are a wide variety of tights and stockings available. No matter what the fashion, from career wear to formals, leg and calve type, petite in size to tall or bigger sizes, and no matter what the occasion from weddings to day or evening events, what your personality is or what your budget is your options are numerous. Choose the color of your stockings carefully, as an improper color can negatively affect your ensemble. Buy nude pantyhose if you want something appropriate at all times of the year and with every color of shoes. Select nude if you want the pantyhose to be minimal and consider a light weight, sheer variety for summer, outdoor events.

They are sheer, opaque, very opaque and even textured pantyhose. Other colors include black, nude and other sexy colors that each come with its own vibe and mood. Choosing the right stockings for the right occasion is important to save you from looking silly and to also boost your confidence and accentuate your best assets. How To Choose the Right Hosiery for Your Body Shape. The Pantyhose Blogger Girls. How To Choose the Right Hosiery for Your Body Shape. 01/16/ Tights Tips and DIY. Choosing right hosiery is always a tricky thing, as your choice goes far beyond the size and the color. You should consider the pattern on the item, its size and style, how.